BKK Fangs BT632-MT Treble Type

BKK Fangs BT632-MT Treble Type


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BKK has l’ Love Stirring Fangs 632 METERS, ideal for spinning and trolling.

TheStirring Fangs 632 MT are characterized by a thread 2X and tips CP with a micro buckle, so as to provide excellent resistance and penetration. With surface finishing, tin-plate matte (Matte Tin) to reduce the reflected light.

BKK has created these treble hooks for the angler demanding and are used as substitutes ideal for large part of the hooks used in the fishing media ( trout, fell, black bass and sea bass).

The’I Love Stirring Fangs 632 MT are ideal for rigging artificial both in freshwater and in saltwater, the measure #10 great for the trout while the measures #6, #4, #2 ideal for sea bass.


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