RoughTrail AOMASA 148F


RoughTrail AOMASA 148F


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A revolutionary concept of a diving pencil

Rough Trail Aomasa was put to life through the integration of DUO’s world class injection molding technology and the know-how from the most respected local anglers Jerremy Akiyama (Amakusa) and Masashi Matsumoto (Hirado).Its weight settings, wire-through design, interior rib structure and its unique body design rivals or surpasses those wood body models with its sharp action, controlability and body strength. This lure can easily be controlled to stage its “diving”, “S-curve” and “sliding” action by novice ~ expert anglers in various field conditions.

Length  148mm  |  5-7/8in
Weight  38g  |  1-1/2oz
Type  Floating (Fixed Weight)
Range  0~0.2m  |  0~1ft

Peso0,150 kg

GHA0140 Ocean Blue Back, GHA0019 Pink Back, AHO0088 Sarashi White


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