RoughTrail HYDRA 220

RoughTrail HYDRA 220


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Hail the new surface phenom. Hail Hydra!

There is hardly anything more heart pumping than smashing predators on surface lures. Hydra will mesmerize array of species with its dynamic skipping action staying on the surface imitating perfectly the movement of needlefish and garfish.

Hydra is a long type sinking pencil to target the pelagic species from land-based or off-shore fishing. By utilizing the long body design, it will reduce the chances of large species to swallow the lure whole or bite down on the shock-leader. The slim body has enabled the lure to twitch and jerk with little rod work and will swing its neck from side to side. It will also enact a skipping action dragging the tail on the surface with fast retrieval.  With its small head design and loaded with a fixed weight in the tail section, it responds quickly to the anglers action while highly appealing to the targets. It is most suited for use when the fish are feeding on the surface.

Length  220mm  |  8-2/3in
Weight  58.2g  |  2oz
Type  Slow Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook  #1/0

Peso0,110 kg

ACC3008 Neo Pearl, APA0411 Fusilier, CHA0405 Sardine Ultra, CDA0407 Wahoo HD II


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