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Realization of great castability and superb action response

The flat yet heavy body creates a sharp action response for the heavy weight sinking minnow, “Spear-Head Ryuki”. Its action initiation is fast and is capable of staging consecutive twitching with rod work, within a short distance. It is also equipped with a high swimming performance able to deal with the ever complicating current of the main-river stream. Further, we have stabilized its flight posture realizing great casting distance and accuracy. You will be able to hit that sweet spot!!

Ryuki 45S is most suited for head-water areas and shallow rivers with little water. Although it has a small body, its dense and heavy weight body has great castability allowing anglers to utilize this in the main stream as well.

Length  45mm  |  1-3/4in
Weight  4g  |  1/8oz
Type  Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook  #12
Range  0.4~0.6m  |  1~2ft

Peso0,045 kg

MCC4018 OB, ADA4015 Mat Rider, ANI4010 Pearl Ayu, ANI4004 Natural Yamame, ADA4068 Yamame Red Belly, ADA4059 Green Gold OB, ANA4034 Yamame, ACC4810 RP, DRA4051 Chatr Head Yamame


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