Spearhead Ryuki 80S SW LIMITED

Spearhead Ryuki 80S SW LIMITED


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The starting point of Ryuki’s saltwater takeover

Ryuki is continuing to build a strong reputation and has become another iconic lure for DUO being recognized as lethal, no matter what type of fishing. We have started more focused push of Ryuki into saltwater fishing and 80S is the first in the “SW Limited” range of Spearhead Ryuki.

Length  80mm  |  3-1/8in
Weight  12g  |  3/8oz
Type  Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook  #8
Range  0.7~1.2m  |  2~4ft

Peso0,050 kg

CBA0423 Triple Threa, CHH0402 Belone, CBA0189 Sakura Sardine, ADA0088 Prism Ivory, AHA0011 Sardine, AHA0087 Mazume Sardine, ASI0106 Gigo, AFA0830 Saddled Bream ND, DAA4005 Sapphire Lux, GHN0172 Clear Blue Back, ADA0037 Sardine Noir, ASI4044 Full Chart Yamame, DPA0263 Green Mackerel, AHA4006 Ayu OB, ADA4125 Red Belly, DDH0365 Bleeding Sardine, AJA0181 Chart Purple, AJO4064 Ivory Yamame OB


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