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The new king of the current

The flat yet heavy body creates a sharp action response for the heavy weight sinking minnow. Its action initiation is fast and is capable of staging consecutive twitching with rod work, within a short distance. It is also equipped with a high swimming performance able to deal with the ever complicating current of the main-river stream. Further, we have stabilized its flight posture realizing great casting distance and accuracy. You will be able to hit that sweet spot!!

The semi-long lip to grip the water and flat-side body with low center of gravity fixed weight settings have equipped the lure with a high level of swimming performance in the strong flow of the main stream. Its action initiation is prompt and can handle consecutive twitching through the rod work.

Some lures loose the casting comfortability through the increased body size of the lure, but by controlling the height of the body, we have managed to realize the top of the range castability.

Ryuki 95S has a casting ability which rivals those moving weight models, capturing the large trout species running up the stream.

Length 95mm  |  3-5/8in
Weight  15g  |  1/2oz
Type  Sinking
Hook  #6

Peso0,050 kg

ADA4068 Yamame Red Belly, AHA0011 Sardine, ASI0106 Gigo, DPA0263 Green Mackerel, ADA0213 Ocean Bait (ADA0413 Wakasagi), ACC3008 Neo Pearl, AQA0283 Tiranga OB, DHA0327 Red Mullet, ANI4004 Natural Yamame, GEA3006 Ghost Minnow, ADA4140 Lime Yamame OB, ADA0088 Prism Ivory, ASI4044 Full Chart Yamame, DAA4005 Sapphire Lux, MCC3271 AM Chrome, MCC4026 Metal Red Gold, AFA0830 Saddled Bream ND, DST0804 Mullet ND, CBA0189 Sakura Sardine OB, ASA4014 Himemasu


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