DUO TetraWorks TOTO 42S

DUO TetraWorks TOTO 42S


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An almighty appealing standard sinking minnow

The Toto42 is the most user-friendly standard sinking model out of the Tetra Works series. Its tight rolling action and ability to keep its swimming range makes it equally suitable for fishing in harbors and rocky areas with strong currents. The flat, heavy body creates a great swimming response whether it is retrieved slowly, quickly, or with twitching action. The lure attracts diverse species and is meant for experts and beginners alike.

Length  42mm  |  1-5/8in
Weight  2.8g  |  1/10oz
Type  Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook  #12
Range  0.3~0.6m  |  1~2ft

Peso0,045 kg

AHA0011 Sardine, AQA0313 Pink Candy GB, ACC3008 Neo Pearl, DSH0115 Fish Jr., GHA0158 MM Chart


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