DUO Drag Metal Cast 15gr

DUO Drag Metal Cast 15gr


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The long awaited DUO’s answer to shore jigging

Drag Metal flies like a rocket and efficiently sinks to the deep range. Anglers can twitch it or even simply reel in and it will perform a highly appealing action. The compact yet fat body has enabled anglers to achieve outstanding casting distance. Furthermore, its stable swimming ability and horizontal sliding action during the fall will mesmerize the fish through simple reeling of the lure or a combination of jerking and twitching. A more fishlike color and body shape design has been given to this specific lure.

The long awaited Drag Metal Cast will be ready for anglers to search for blue-runners and other species from break waters, surfs, estuaries and even off the rocks.

Length  43.5mm  |  1-3/4in
Weight  15g  | 1/2oz
Hook  Front #11, Rear #8

Peso0,050 kg

PHA0006 Jack, PHA0011 Sardine


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