FinNor MegaLite THAI RUBBER 80-180g

FinNor MegaLite THAI RUBBER 80-180g


Modello Mega Lite Thai Rubber
Lunghezza  1,90mt
Sezioni 1
Potenza 80-180 gr
Peso 130 gr
Anelli  Fuji
Azioni Extra Fast


Thai is the name of the red sea bream in Japanese. The same fish, ‘pargus pargus’ is a prime target around the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. The technique is primarily lure fishing. The use of thai rubber jigs in conjunction with rods designed especially for this style of fishing, Fin Nor has designed the Megalite Thai Rubber series, consisting of two rods with completely different actions. Perfectly balanced soft tips with semi parabolic action will give the angler the advantage in detecting minute bites and handling any specimen that takes the Bait.

Peso 1,001 kg
Dimensioni 200 cm


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