DUO RoughTrail Blazin 85

DUO RoughTrail Blazin 85


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Shore fishing gets a Blazin boost!


The original Blazin is a powerful weapon for the off-shore fishing game. What was needed was the same lure concept applied to a smaller lure designed to be used more easily from the shore.


An aerodynamic sardine shaped body that is designed to fly far will go the distance when cast. The internal weight occupies a large part of the internal structure, giving the lure a front heavy body for effective diving. The lip has also been redesigned to fit the purpose of the smaller body Blazin, with a wide and large form that has proven effective in various fields.


Suitable for Spanish mackerel and a large number of other SW game fish, this compact size Blazin will be a small but powerful weapon for anglers wishing to attack the shorelines and for those who cannot always go out by boat. Two sizes of the new compact Blazin will give anglers the flexibility to target various fish species, depending on their size.

Length  85mm  |  3-3/8in
Weight  28g  |  1oz
Type  Heavy Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook  #5
Range  1.0~2.0m  |  3~7ft

Peso0,080 kg

CSB0513 Genkai Pink Sardine GB, ABA0030 Sardine RB, CSB0054 Genkai Sardine


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